'Independence Day: Resurgence' First Official Trailer


The original Independence Day premiered in 1996 and 20 years later, the sequel is heading to the big screen. The first trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence premiered today during the standard NFL game spot, with amazing visuals and explosions galore. The movie takes place 20 years after the first (which makes sense), with humankind using the technology from the first alien invasion to better their society. Not much more has been revealed by way of storyline and main characters, however you can be assured that it will be an action packed, CGI-saturated adventure that will excel if seen in 3D. According to the movie’s IMDB page, it is set to drop on June 24, 2016 which is strange because a July 4 release would make so much more sense. More trailers and alien action as it becomes available.

Source: http://hypebeast.com/2015/12/independence-day-resurgence-trailer

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