Our Mission

At Doing Everything Different, we believe that diversity and individuality are essential to attain one’s goals. After all, these attributes make your vision unique. Creating a unique vision that inspires others to unite across difference is the goal of this campaign. Unity is a belief in possibilities. It is a commitment to grow together when faced with the pressure to move forward apart. We have seen how our differences can be used to divide us – to position one product, one idea, or one person over another. We challenge you to envision a new possibility. A possibility that measures success by one’s ability to bring people in instead of leaving people out. Are you open to the possibilities?

We view clothing as a vehicle of expression. Our team has created a package that represents the ideals that drive our work: individuality, change, progression, and unity. The items in this package are designed to make you feel the power of our vision.

It Starts With You

Oftentimes we become overwhelmed by the vastness of our differences. Even when we come together on one issue or connect with one person, the prospect of uniting on a grand scale seems impossible. We begin to believe we are powerless in making a real difference or lasting change. This belief could not be further from the truth. The impact of our daily interactions on the world is incredible. We not only have the power to influence the way people see us, but also how they view those who come from our communities. This kind of impact however does not happen on its own. It starts with communication. Authentic and open communication with others allows us to build connections across differences. It requires our willingness to listen and the possibilities from there are endless.



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